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My site goes online!! I don't have a lot of stuff. But soon I will have cheats, polls, pokedex and many more!!
I have a guest book!! So please sign it and then leave. I will have my picture section pretty soon. And if you know any good sponsor plz email me at tedyi7@hotmail.com
I am very sorry that I haven't updated much. Well I had a BIG test and I had to study for it. Oh yeah! I lost 40 people!! So plz come back to my site often!!
Guess what? I am going to make tons of new sections. Adoption Agency, Award for u and way more! Make sure that you sign my guestbook and also visit this site often if you want to see new sections added!
I have joined "Top 150 Ultimate Pokemon Sites" so PLZZZ vote for us!! Also I am going to make banners for people if people want there own banners. The section will be called "Banner Service". Oh yeah! PLZZZZ sign our guestbook!
Thanks for the votes guys!! Make sure to KEEP ON VOTING!!! Oh yeah!! Also my Banner Service is online!!! It is where I make a banner for your site and I will be happy to make a banner for you!
I got a real BIG update. I made a section called DOWNLOADS!!! I also got a bad news...... I am going to Korea for a MONTH and I won't be able to update this site:( I mean for a month. The banner service will be shut down too with Award for u. All I can say to you guys is that make sure to KEEP ON VOTING for our site and sign my guestbook. Bye and see you next month!!!
I am very very sorry that I haven't updated this site. Well I came here with GOOD news. VERY GOOD news. I got Pokemon Gold and Silver rom so i will put it up on my site and you will be able to play Gold and Silver on your computer!! Since i got you these awesome presents for Christmas, it's YOUR turn. Go and tell people about my site so they can share the present too! Also before the school starts again the site will have a different look!! Look forward to the new look of the site. Hehehehehehehe........

I won the Rainbow Badge at Celadon City!
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